is the new creativity.

The world’s first design studio
to have creatives with intellectual
disabilities on its team.

La Casa de Carlota is a design studio that operates on a different business model. We work with extremely diverse talent and have a serious conviction that creativity is the path to revolutionizing our industry and making our work more impactful.

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Generating new ideas is easier if (very) different brains work together.

We wanted to experience what happens when we take the creative process to the limit. What happens if an experienced creative works with a fine art student or with a person born with Down Syndrome? And how can the chaotic and unexpected brain of a person with autism influence and question linear thoughts?

What we’ve discovered is that having an unusual and extraordinary combination of diverse and complementary talents allows us to offer our clients innovative, fresh and vastly different design solutions for their products and services, while at the same time, contributing to generating a valuable and transcendent example of social impact.


The Team

We’re a team of highly specialised professionals with backgrounds in management, major advertising agencies, social enterprises and foundations. We’re creatives, strategists and professionals who one day came to the realisation that we had not only the opportunity, but also the obligation to use our talent and experience to make our business much more transparent, much more sensible, and much more human.

Our aim is to work only with companies, partners and brands with values and social purpose, who understand, as we do, that a new model of business management and communicating with consumers is needed.

Author of the book "Run your business as if it were a Down Syndrome", José María has directed creative teams in advertising agencies for over 25 years: Lorente Group, Euro RSCG and Havas Worldwide. One day he discovered that creativity could also help brands continue to sell more and, at the same time, contribute to a better, more sustainable world.

José María Batalla

Founding Partner | Creative Director

Joan has worked for and directed some of the best advertising agencies in the country, such as MMLB, Contrapunto or TBWA. One day he thought that the commitment of brands with society had to take a step forward and founded Micropolix in Madrid. In 2017 he joins La Casa de Carlota.

Joan Teixidó

Creative Director | Branded Content

Although Laura’s degree from the University of Barcelona is in economics, she has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, design and advertising. She’s developed communication strategies for brands such as Laboratorios Isdin, Bimbo, Mattel, Bayer, Inditex, Caixa Enginyers, Grupo Planeta, and others.

Laura Murtra

General Manager

Inge studied Pedagogy and Fine Arts at the University of Rotterdam and illustration at Eina Barcelona and the School of Visual Arts in New York. After several years designing fashion, drawing in editorials and illustrating wonderful stories, he now directs the inclusive creative processes of La Casa de Carlota.

Inge Nouws

Inclusive team manager

Nel began his work life designing urban projects and lighting events in Medellín, and taught graphic design at the UPB for six years. He currently lives, breathes and dances the Carlota House experience.

Nel Correa

Graphic Designer | Illustrator and founder of La Casa de Carlota Medellín

Raquel was born in Seville although she is considered a tenant of the world. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts specializing in design, and one day she decided to bring together her most liberal and diverse sensibilities to improve the world. Passionate about her work, restless and creative in the world of design activists.

Raquel Maireles

Creative Manager | Responsible and founder of La Casa de Carlota Seville

Bachelor of Fine Arts specializing in painting. A wild, Flemish multidisciplinary artist. He knows that everything is a matter of communication and to this idea he dedicates his time, his strength and his joy.

Gonzalo Conradi

Creative Director and founder of La Casa de Carlota Seville

Licensed by the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing de Sao Paulo, she has worked on creating communication strategies for large companies in Brazil. She confesses to being passionate about people and brands and loves diversity, innovation and teamwork. Six months at LCDC Barcelona were enough to discover that this is her home. In her own country.

Luiza Laloni

Director and founder of La Casa de Carlota Sao Paulo

Spanish by birth, Peruvian in his heart and above all a professional with 15 years’ experience, half of it in Peru, where he has excelled in leading multi-disciplinary teams involving 20 people directly and up to 100 indirectly. However, he has trouble controlling his two cats.

Gonzalo Ruiz

Founding partner in La Casa de Carlota Lima

He has 11 years’ experience in Brand Development and Strategy Generation, focusing on expanding businesses. He has led marketing teams in Peru and Latin America, from Mexico to Argentina. He has taken part in over 100 launches of new brands and products throughout the region. He’s one of those people who seem very serious at first, but then you get to like them.

Andrés Paredes

Founding partner in La Casa de Carlota Lima

After studying linguistics he taught in schools for 4 years, until he came up with the idea of studying advertising design, after which he ended up working in advertising for another 7 years. A technology fan - and also a bit of a geek. He likes asking questions, talking, reading, writing and describing himself in the third person.

Italo Luna Pretto

Creative Head & Founder of La Casa de Carlota Lima

Hello UN.

La Casa de Carlota’s approach to work has become a global benchmark for innovation and social impact. In March 2018, we were invited to present our business model at the United Nations’ headquarters in NYC.


Without making too much noise the Studio of La Casa de Carlota became one of the best social initiatives of 2014 (Forética) / Selected as Incorpora Company (La Caixa 2015) / Laus Design Awards in 2014 and 2015 / International Corresponsables Foundation Award for the best social project 2016 / European Design Award 2017 (European Design Institute) / Company with Aura 2016 and 2017 / Premi Ciutat de Barcelona for the best project with social impact 2016 / Speakers at the Blanc Festival 2016  / Speakers at the CdeC 2017 / Video report on Playground 600,000 views / Video of the week on “The Guardian” / Report and cover of “Curiosity” (The Wall Street Journal) / TEDx EAFIT University 2018  / IDB Innovate Tech Solutions Font Disability Inclusion Inclustech 2018. Washington DC/ Conference of Innovation Leaders in Latin America Conference on Art, Business and Development for People with Learning Disabilities 2019. Hong Kong  / Graffica Award 2019  / Bronze Award from the Art Directors Club of Europe 2021  / Laus Bronze Award 2021  / Bronze in Packaging Design in the Pentawards 2022