We bear the fruits that moves the universe.

Black and white photo of a cute corner of the offices of La Casa de Carlota Sevilla.
In Seville, we are helping change the world to make it a more humane, fun and inclusive place through artistic expression focused on design. The same pool we find our new, unique and outrageous ideas is the same pool the rest of the world needs. It’s a pool full of great diversity and perspectives, with a hint of craziness and a freshness without complexities. This is La Casa de Carlota Seville – no need to look any further.



Carlota Pérez. Cristina Vela. Eduardo Benjumea. Fátima González. Gonzalo Conradi. Guillermo Martínez. José Luis Navarro. Pedro Caravaca. Raquel Meireles.

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Juan de Juanes, 3
41005 Sevilla
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Tel. +34 854 60 45 36