Strategists, marketing people, UX experts, established creatives and other newcomers straight out of college, consultants, trainers, designers without knowing it, researchers and artists. All different, so different in fact that we understand each other like very few can.

When we set out on this adventure, they called us crazy. And yeah, we’re still crazy, but we know what we want. We want to make the world a more sustainable, more humane and better place to live.

We want to use creativity and design to help brands be more relevant and more competitive, and to adopt a more compassionate, social and transformative approach.

Barcelona, La Casa de Carlota.

When in 2014 some of us decided that we wanted to leave our crystal throne and start changing the world, they called us crazy.

When we decided to incorporate into our team creatives with Down Syndrome who hug you endlessly and people with autism who obsess about Beatles songs, they also called us crazy.

But that’s how it all started. And that’s what makes us happy. Surrounded by crazy people.

We haven’t invented creativity. Just a more fun and humane way to access it.


Miscellaneous work

from La Casa de Carlota Studio


Andrea Solsona. Belén Loza. Carlo Pradeiro. Esther López. Gaby Castaño. Inge Nouws. Joan Pumarola. Joan Teixidó. José María Batalla. Laura Fisas. Laura Murtra. Martí Roca. Núria Figueras. Odile Fernández. Ona Anadón. Oriol Bellmunt. Quim Jané. Raúl Sánchez. Silvia Hernandez. Vanessa Reinón.

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08037 Barcelona
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