Eight months working at La Casa de Carlota Barcelona was enough time for Nel Andrés to discover that his Colombia urgently needed a Casa de Carlota.

In 2016, one of the most exciting and revolutionary projects in the design and communication industry in Latin America was slowly born, without making much noise, but with all the enthusiasm of the world.

In Medellín, Nel uses the same model as Barcelona, but with local talent. In just a few months, we were working with important clients – and a few months after that, friends in other countries who’d heard about us were asking us what this La Carlota House is that brings so much joy to people.


Miscellaneous work

from La Casa de Carlota Studio


Jordan Galeano. Juan David Zuluaga. Laura Velazquez. Manuela Mejia. Melanie Herrera. Nel Correa. Sara Rumié. Sebastian Giraldo. Simón Mejia. Valentina Serna. 

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