Sao Paulo

She spent six intensive months of immersion in Barcelona, but just one day was enough to convince Luiza that she wanted to take La Casa de Carlota home with her.

São Paulo is not only a city with a population half the size of Spain, it has a thirst for genuinely fresh and creative initiatives. It arrived in 2019 and, together with Medellín, it worked towards strengthening Latin America as a backdrop of innovation, art and design.

And it was born, bringing with it important customers from all over the world.



Danyel Mendes. Feliphe Ribeiro. Flavio Kauffmann. Francesca Tedeschi. Layla Meirelles. Lucas Galdino. Luiza Laloni. Roberto Maia. Tais Araujo. 

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Sao Paulo

Avenida São Gabriel, 180 – cj.52
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Tel. +55 11 953231099